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Getting Started

WeManageU DVD slideshow Movies
are unique as the individual.

Expect tears of joy, excitement and happiness

All DVD & Blu-ray Movie Slideshows are processed in-house to maintain and ensure the highest quality. Our work is 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Local customers, Scottsdale AZ, we would be happy to meet with you, to capture the character of the person (or persons) being displayed and to pick-up the photos, video clips etc. Long distance customers can mail their photographs, etc. to our mailing address or upload photos to our site using this link.

Click here: to Upload Files

Step One

Call us, we want to help you...We answer voice mail within 10 minutes.
Decide which product and package you want to order. When ordering a DVD or Blu-ray Movie Slideshow, determine the music you would like to include, we will purchase for you from iTunesĀ®. Included in the price. We are experts, if you would like, we can select the music.

Step Two

Gather your printed photos or 35mm slides. Place a sticker on the back of each item. Number them in the order you want them to appear or just place them in the order and wrap with a rubber band. If photos are digital, rename them by adding the initials of your first and last name before the number. Example if your name is Jane Smith: js001.jpeg, js002.jpeg, js003.jpeg, etc. Please ensure numbering is continuous. If you want random photos, no problem.

Step Three

We are here to walk you through every step. We want to know if we need to pickup photos or if you are uploading photos.
It's important to capture the character of the person (or persons) being displayed in the movie.

Step Four

Send us a check or pay with PayPal. A PayPal account is not required in order to pay with PayPal, just check out as a guest and use a major credit card. We will begin working on your job once we receive your order, payment, and materials.

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